Ghana to Nigeria

0.0136GHS = 1.0000NGN

Nigeria to Ghana

77.8000NGN = 1.0000GHS


Oraforex is an online cash foreign exchange cash swap at lower or no cost. This is done to ease the movement of money within these three countries for businesses and enhance the efficiency of small and medium scale enterprises. Currently swapping for Cedi of Ghana and Naira of Nigeria. Feel free to select below the template you choose to be served and fill out the form and we will take it from there.

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What We Do?

Oraforex is an online money swap initiation of Oraforex Ghana Limited. Clients that need to buy property abroad, repatriate funds, pay employees, or suppliers. Swap sums of money without the hassle or the fees. To get the market’s best process on OraForex online marketplace is ideal. With OraForex Online, businesses or individuals who need to transfer funds can check out our platform.

Why Oraforex?

OraForex is safe, secure, and convenient. For global money swaps, exchange and transfers, spot transfers, forward contracts and more. We offer better service at a better price and full transparency.


Reversible is a grace period for clients to call back their money or make reversals. We make sure that clients have a grace period of 10mins to retrieve back their funds should there be need to. After 10mins of no signal from the client on retrievals or change of plans authorizes our system to move for swap and transfer.  When this is done it is irreversible.


Security Guaranteed

All funds are secured and guaranteed to deliver. When such funds are not delivered to the desired client due to circumstances beyond the systems control, the system will move to make refunds back to Senders detailed account. This is done after deductions of obvious system charges for transactions.

Secured and Legal

This platform is secured as no transaction is actually carried out on this website. This is legal because we don’t accept deposits nor charge fees except the legal stipulated inter-intra mobile charges with the pre information of the client before any engagement. It is a platform to bring together swapping partners between the two countries. No single money leaves any country. All funds still remain domestic.

 online cash foreign exchange cash swap 

OraForex is safe, secure, and convenient!

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What Our Clients are Saying

“When I want to get funds through, I use oraforex platform. I told my parents about it and they have also started using this platform to make payments for my siblings school fees. The design is quite simple and convenient to use. So simple.”


“I was introduced to this platform by a friend. I was skeptical initially but have used them more than 15 times sending money to Nigeria and receiving funds from my partners for business transactions.. Sending it makes it simple for me and everything is done orderly.”


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